Specific Binding and Ability of Vasoactive Intestinal Octacosa-Peptide (VIP) to Activate Adenylate Cyclase in Isolated Pancreatic Acinar Cells from the Guinea Pig

  • Jean Christophe
  • Patrick Robberecht
  • Thomas P. Conlon
  • Jerry D. Gardner
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSA, volume 11)


This is probably the first instance in which the specific binding of a gastrointestinal hormone to a digestive cell other than the hepatocyte has been studied. The vasoactive intestinal octacosa-peptide (VIP) was recently isolated from porcine upper small intestine (19) and its amino acid sequence has been determined (4, 12).


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Jean Christophe
    • 1
  • Patrick Robberecht
    • 1
  • Thomas P. Conlon
    • 1
  • Jerry D. Gardner
    • 1
  1. 1.Section on Gastroenterology, Digestive Diseases BranchNational Institute of Arthritis, Metabolism, and Digestive DiseasesBethesdaUSA

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