Cooperative Regulation of Hormone Binding Affinity for Cell Surface Receptors

  • Pierre De Meyts
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSA, volume 11)


Many enzymes in key metabolic pathways are subject to “regulation,” i.e. their level of activity (Km and/or Vmax) is modulated by the substrate itself, by end-products of the chain of biochemical reactions or by substrate-unrelated effectors (42, 59). In the majority of cases, this regulation is effected through cooperative conformational transitions in a polymeric enzyme molecule, which are either induced (33) or stabilized (41) by the substrate or effector. Cooperative or “allosteric” properties are not an exclusivity of enzymes. Hemoglobin also exhibits strong cooperative interactions upon binding of oxygen (1, 5, 27, 44, 50, 60), and it is quite possible that some antibodies are endowed with similar properties when they bind antigens (40, 58) or complement (56).


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