The Isolation and Characterization of DNA Binding Proteins Specific for Adenovirus Infected Cells

  • Peter van der Vliet
  • Arnold J. Levine
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSA, volume 5)


Adenoviruses have been isolated from a number of different species including man (33 serotypes), monkeys, mice, dogs, cows, birds (Green, 1970), and frogs (Clark et al., 1973). The most extensively studied adenoviruses are those of human origin. In particular, we now know a great deal about the structure and replication of the DNA from human adenoviruses types 2 and 5. For this reason this review will be restricted to a discussion of these two viruses.


Infected Cell Adenovirus Type Nonpermissive Temperature Replicative Intermediate Single Stranded Region 


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  • Peter van der Vliet
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  • Arnold J. Levine
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