Mutations Obtained from Anther Derived Plants of Hyoscyamus Niger

  • G. Corduan
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSA, volume 3)


Plants of Hyoscyamus niger (a tropane alkaloid-producing species) used for mutagenic treatment were obtained from another culture by 2 different methods. By the first method plantlets develop directly out of the anther within 6–8 weeks under photoperiodical conditions on an auxin-free medium. About 25% of these plants were found to be haploid. By the second procedure anthers were cultured on an auxin-containing medium in the dark. The callus, which developed under these conditions, was able to produce large numbers of plants under photoperiodic conditions. Of these plants two thirds were haploid. Plantlets derived directly from anthers were treated with UV and x-rays, callus was subjected to treatment with cehmical mutagens.


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  • G. Corduan
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