A Nonbreakable Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Sample Container for Radioactive Materials

  • L. R. Crisler


Our organoactinide research efforts have stimulated the development of several sample handling innovations.1 Of particular interest was the nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic investigation of radioactive as well as water- and air-sensitive compounds. The potential for accidental radioactive contamination release by breakage of a standard NMR sample glass tube was considered an unacceptable hazard. To eliminate this potential, a simple nonbreakable sample container was designed for insertion into a standard (5.0 mm o.d.) glass NMR tube. This sample arrangement permitted routine NMR analyses on radioactive materials to be carried out with a minimum risk.


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  • L. R. Crisler
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  1. 1.Rocky Flats DivisionDow Chemical U. S. A.GoldenUSA

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