Infrared Cells for Salt Solutions

  • Walter F. Edgell


The spectra of various salt solutions are under study in this laboratory in the mid-infrared region. No particular problem was encountered with cells in the earlier work. As the study expanded to many types of salts and organic solvents, however, cell window ions went into solution and solution ions deposited on the cell windows. These phenomena result from ion exchange and simple window solubility, both of which invalidate the measurements of this study. Freedom from these difficulties is promoted by low solubility of the window salt in the solvent and high solubility of the salt formed from the window cation and the solution anion as well as the salt formed from the solution cation and the window anion. While these conditions prevailed in the early work, they do not hold in some of the systems of current interest.


High Density Polyethylene Reflection Loss Solution Anion Methyl Acetate Solution Cation 
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