Stem Cells, Nonproliferating Cells, and Their Kinetics in Normal and Neoplastic Tissues

  • Milan Potmesil
  • Joseph LoBue
  • Anna Goldfeder
Part of the Cancer book series (C, volume 6)


At this time of increased efforts and promising results in the therapy of malignant neoplasias, it seems appropriate to review critically some principal aspects of Cell. and tissue kinetics as they relate to stem cells, to nonproliferating cells, and to Cell. recruitment into the mitotic cycle. Considering effective therapy, relatively slowly growing tumors possessing a large fraction of “nonproliferating” cells are of substantial concern. Such tumor cells, either “resting” or slowly cycling, may have an increased resistance to therapeutic agents, and some of them are probably potential stem cells. The contribution of Cell. kinetic data to planning and management of therapy of these types of cancer has not been fully adequate. Among the most likely reasons for this are the following: (1) most animal tumor systems used in cytokinetic investigations are not comparable to prevailing types of human cancer; (2) applied methods have conceptual and technical limitations; and (3) experimental approaches have usually neither allowed for any correlation between the structure of neoplastic tissues and therapeutic responses nor revealed the kinetic status of various Cell. subpopulations during the course of treatment.


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