Liquid Crystals II. Liquid Crystalline Properties of Transcinnamic Acid Esters

  • Freeman B. JonesJr.
  • Joseph J. Ratto


Research interest in room temperature liquid crystals has grown in recent years due to their increased applications in display devices. A current emphasis in the area has “been to obtain nematic materials that are colorless as well as stahle to atmospheric contaminants. Several low melting compounds and mixtures from the Schiff-base,2,3 azo and azoxy benzenes,4,5 chlorostilbenes,6 and benzoyloxybenzoate7,8 series have been investigated for these purposes. Many of these compounds exhibit properties that are undesirable for display applications such as instabilities toward moisture and u.v. radiation in addition to some yellow colorations.


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  • Joseph J. Ratto
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