The Dependence of Some Properties of Aqueous Liquid Crystalline Phases on Their Water Content

  • Per Ekwall


The number of different phases is rather large in the aqueous systems of amphiphilic substances; this holds especially for the ternary systems which besides the amphiphile contain another organic component possessing lipophilic or amphiphilic properties. As always when it is the question of equilibria between different phases at constant temperature and pressure the conditions for equilibrium between the phases is the equality of the activities of the various components; aqueous phases in equilibrium with each other should thus have the same water activity. Fig. 1 presents the equilibrium vapour pressures for on the one hand the isotropic aqueous solution L1, and on the other hand the isotropie alcoholic solution L2, or various liquid crystalline phases (designated B,C,D and E) respectively in the ternary system of sodium caprylate, decan-1-o1 and water at 25°C (1).


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