Reproduction of Large Virulent Bacteriophages

  • Christopher K. Mathews


By far the best-known representative of the large virulent bacteriophages is coliphage T4, which has been an object of intense biochemical, genetic, and morphological investigation since its original description some three decades ago (Demerec and Fano, 1945). A major reason for the popularity of T4, particularly when compared with its cousins T2 and T6, is the early availability of a relatively complete genetic map (Epstein et al., 1963). Thus, at a time when biochemists were becoming aware of the value of phages as tools for study of many biological problems, a large catalogue of mutants defective in essential viral functions became available. Analysis of the molecular functions controlled by each gene product led to a productive relationship between those of primarily biochemical orientation and those of genetic persuasion. Biochemical analysis of the defect associated with a particular mutant would often suggest the existence of new types of mutants, which could then be isolated and analyzed in turn. Thus, although T4 is a large and complex virus, the ultimate goal of mapping each gene and determining the function of its product is within range. The large number of active laboratories working on T4 and the great extent to which they cooperate and communicate with one another have combined to make this a satisfying branch of science in which to work.


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