Parvovirus Reproduction

  • James A. Rose
Part of the Comprehensive Virology book series (CV)


Parvoviruses are the smallest DNA-containing vertebrate viruses. The generic designation, parvovirus (parvus = small), was first proposed in 1965 (Lwoff and Tournier, 1966) and finally accepted in 1970 (Andrewes, 1970). These agents are assembled in the cell nucleus and are icosahedral particles 18–26 nm in diameter, about the size of animal cell ribosomes. They possess considerable heat and acid stability and are not inactivated by lipid solvents. Their densities in CsCI solution are relatively high (about 1.40 g/cm3) owing to the high DNA content of the particle (20–25%). The capsid proteins of the group members thus far studied can be resolved into three polypeptide components, and all parvoviruses appear to contain a single-stranded DNA genome. Although certain insect and bacterial viruses resemble parvoviruses in many respects (see Sect. 1.2), these have been classified separately (Lwoff and Tournier, 1966) and are not given detailed consideration in this review.


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