Superconducting Properties of Some Vanadium-Rich Titanium—Vanadium Alloy Thin Films

  • Hermann J. Spitzer


The superconducting properties of Ti—V alloys have been reported in several publications for bulk material1-3 and also for thin films.4,5 The results of this study were obtained after the publication of our investigation for the complete Ti—V alloy system5 during the attempt to raise the transition temperatures of V and V-rich alloy films to the published data for bulk materials. Subsequently, we learned also that the heat capacity data of Cheng et al., 6 which were the basis for the calculated curve by Hulm and Blaugher,2 had been reviewed by the same authors6 and that therefore the calculated relationship of transition temperature vs. composition could be considered obsolete.


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  1. 1.U. S. Army Mobility Equipment Research and Development CenterFort BelvoirUSA

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