Entropy of a Type II Superconductor in the Mixed State Close to Tc

  • R. Ehrat
  • L. Rinderer


The entropy per unit volume of a type II superconductor in the mixed state can be written in the following form: S(T, B) = S s (T) + ΔS(T, B), where S s (T) is the entropy in the Meissner state [HH cl (T)]. Using the constitutive relation between the three coordinates at equilibrium, B = B(T, H), we can write alternatively S(T, H) = S s (T) + ƊS(T, H). Three thermal quantities can be derived from the entropy S: the specific heat at constant field C H = C s (T) + T[S)/∂T] ∥ H , the specific heat at constant induction C B = C s (T) + T[S)/ T] ∣ B , and the incremental entropy of vortices S i = ϕ 0 [S/∂B] T o is the flux quantum).1 The following thermodynamic relation holds between the terms expressing the thermal contributions of the mixed state to these quantities:
$$\frac{\partial (\Delta S)}{\partial T}{{\left| _{H}-\frac{\partial (\Delta S)}{\partial T} \right|}_{B}}=4\pi {{\left[ \frac{\partial (\Delta S)}{\partial B}\left| _{r} \right. \right]}^{2}}\frac{\partial B}{\partial H}\left| _{r} \right.\ge 0$$


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  • R. Ehrat
    • 1
  • L. Rinderer
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  1. 1.Institut de Physique de l’Université de LausanneLausanneSwitzerland

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