High-Resolution Magnetooptical Experiments on Magnetic Structures in Superconductors

  • H. Kirchner


Magnetic structures in superconductors have been investigated for a long time.1 Generally, they were made visible by powder techniques which gave moderate resolution until Träuble and Essmann2 succeeded in improving the Bitter technique resolution by more than three orders of magnitude. In searching for a method for high-resolution observation of the kinetics of magnetic structures, the magnetooptical technique first introduced by Alers3 appeared to be most promising (Fig. 1). Employing the Faraday effect in a transparent paramagnetic material, contrast could be obtained only at the expense of the magnetooptical resolution which is of the order of the thickness of the paramagnetic material. Using cerium phosphate glasses, DeSorbo and Healy4 obtained a resolution of approximately 200 µm. The resolution could be improved by using evaporated thin magnetooptical films.5


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