Present Status of Atomic Masses

  • A. H. Wapstra


The author keeps up to date a list of information on atomic masses. Regularly (at least once a year) this list is used as input for a least squares calculation of “best” values for these masses X . Both the list and the results of the calculation are made available to interested parties. It has been found necessary, though, to give some warning about the status of these data. Their function is definitely not the same as that of published tables 1). Just in order to test the validity of some new data, or that of some old data thrown in doubt by newer ones, some items are not used in the calculations, or trial data are added, both in a way that could certainly not be tolerated in a publication. Also, the intermediate tables are not checked as carefully for completeness and consistency as published ones.


Mass Number Reaction Energy Alpha Decay Alpha Particle Energy Ground State Mass 
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