Superallowed β-Decay: From Nuclear Masses to the Z Vector Boson

  • J. C. Hardy
  • I. S. Towner


According to the conserved vector current (CVC) hypothesis, the vector coupling constant, Gv, for nuclear ß-decay is the same for all nuclei. This has the consequence that all ft values for superallowed β-transitions between 0+(T=1) analogue states should be equal, regardless of the specific nuclei involved, providing that small electromagnetic corrections are properly accounted for. Furthermore, Gv is related through Cabibbo theory to the corresponding constants for the weak decays of hyperons and mesons. Thus, the determination of ft values — for which accurate nuclear mass differences are a prerequisite — can lead directly to a test of both CVC theory and the Cabibbo universality of weak interactions.


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  • J. C. Hardy
    • 1
  • I. S. Towner
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  1. 1.Atomic Energy of Canada LimitedOntarioCanada

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