Wavelength Intercomparison of Laser Radiations Using Servo-Lock Interferometry

  • W. R. C. Rowley
  • K. C. Shotton
  • P. T. Woods


The general level of accuracy in wavelength intercomparison has improved steadily over the last twenty years, largely as a result of the development of frequency stabilized lasers. In 1957, five laboratories reported intercomparisons of the wavelengths of cadmium and krypton-86 radiations (1), which were in mutual agreement within a scatter of ± 3 parts in 108. By 1973, the measurement techniques had improved such that six reporting laboratories (2) agreed to ± 2 parts in 109 on the wavelength value of the iodine-stabilized helium-neon laser radiation at 633 nm with respect to the krypton-86 primary standard. The reproducibilities of lasers stabilized by saturated absorption techniques are, however, far in advance of these figures. Such lasers have stimulated developments in interferometry to utilize their potential for measurement purposes, such as in the determination of those fundamental constants which are related to the length unit.


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  • W. R. C. Rowley
    • 1
  • K. C. Shotton
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  • P. T. Woods
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  1. 1.National Physical LaboratoryTeddingtonEngland

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