Frequency Stabilization of an Ar+ Laser with Molecular Iodine

  • Frank Spieweck


The frequency of the green argon ion laser line at 515 nm can be stabilized by various methods. In the preceding report by Hackel, Youmans, and Ezekiel, stabilization with an external molecular beam has been described (1). Hohimer, Kelly, and Tittel used an external heated iodine absorption cell and stabilized the laser frequency to one point of half the intensity of the absorption profile (2). Bordé, Camy, Vialle, and Decomps reported on a stabilization scheme containing an iodine cell within an external ring interferometer (3). Stabilization should be possible, too, by means of the saturation fluorescence spectroscopy developed by Hänsch, Levenson, and Schawlow (4,5).


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