Stability and Reproducibility of He-Ne-Lasers Stabilized by Saturated Absorption in Iodine

  • Jürgen Helmcke


The iodine stabilized He-Ne laser is of particular interest as a wavelength standard in the visible. It is now possible to build transportable lasers and comparisons have been performed recently in the BIPM and NPL between lasers of the BIPM, NPL and PTB /1/. In our laboratory lasers of the two systems 129I2 22Ne /2/ and 127I2, 20Ne /3/ have been built. Most of the work has been done on the system 129I2, 22Ne as there exists a characteristic triplet of strong saturation dips with peak sizes up to one percent of the output power.


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  • Jürgen Helmcke
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  1. 1.Physikalisch-Technische BundesanstaltD-33 BraunschweigFed.Rep. of Germany

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