The Activities of the II. Physical Institute of the University of Giessen in the Investigation of Short-Lived Heavy Nuclei

  • E. Ewald
  • H. Wollnik


Our first investigations of short-lived heavy nuclei concerned the properties of short-lived fission products. For this purpose we have built around 1960 a double focusing fission product separator which we installed at the reactor in Münchenl). A thin foil of 235U placed close to the reactor core yielded about 10 fission products per second for a good mass line behind the separator. This intensity was barely sufficient to measure nuclear charge distributions within isobaric mass chains2), but for nuclear spectroscopy it was too small. After the decision that a high flux reactor should be built in Grenoble, we designed in cooperation with people from the research center in Jülich a new recoil separator which together with the hundred times higher neutron flux gave us more than 1 000 times higher particle intensities3). This instrument uses the principle of the Kaufmann-Thomson parabola spectrograph where, however, the magnetic and electrostatic fields had been separated. Since about two years this instrument -called LOHENGRIN- has worked succesfully and has opened new possibilities of investigations.


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  • H. Wollnik
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