Surface reorganization as an initial inductive event in the differentiation of prothymocytes to thymocytes

  • E. A. Boyse
  • J. Abbott
Part of the Faseb Monographs book series (FASEBM, volume 3)


For several years my colleagues and I have been studying the question of how the constitution of cell surfaces may be determined by selective gene action, according to the various pathways of cellular differentiation, in the same way that the specialized functions of differentiated cells are evidently governed by the selective expression of particular genes (4, 8). This has involved a great deal of work on membrane components that are expressed exclusively on the surface of mouse thymocytes, because these cells are especially favorable for immunogenetic studies. While elucidating the details of thymocyte differentiation, it has always been uppermost in our minds that similar principles of differentiation may be involved in developmental processes, and that valuable inferences regarding embryonic development may transpire from the study of cellular differentiation in adult systems.


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