Zinc deficiency and brain development in the rat

  • Harold H. Sandstead
  • Gary J. Fosmire
  • Joan M. McKenzie
  • Edward S. Halas
Part of the Faseb Monographs book series (FASEBM, volume 3)


Effects of prenatal and postnatal zinc deficiency on the composition of the brain and on subsequent adult behavior were studied. Deficiency throughout the latter third of pregnancy resulted in decreased body and brain size without affecting total brain DNA, RNA, or protein. Adult males that had been subjected to intrauterine zinc deficiency displayed impaired shock avoidance. Zinc deficiency from birth until 21 days of age resulted in impaired growth, decreased brain size, diminished brain DNA, RNA and protein. Cerebellar lipid concentration was also diminished. Such male animals displayed impaired maze acquisition as adults.—Sandstead, H. H., G. J. Fosmire, J. M. McKenzie and E. S. Halas. Zinc deficiency and brain development in the rat. Federation Proc. 34: 86–88, 1975.


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  • Gary J. Fosmire
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  • Joan M. McKenzie
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  • Edward S. Halas
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  1. 1.Human Nutrition LaboratoryAgricultural Research Service United States Department of AgricultureGrand ForksUSA
  2. 2.Departments of Biochemistry and PsychologyUniversity of North DakotaGrand ForksUSA

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