Low Thermal Flux Glass-Fiber/Metal Vessels for LH2 Storage Systems

  • C. A. Hall
  • D. E. Spond


Composite tanks and tubes have been developed that consist of thin metal liners overwrapped with glass-fibers. Because the glass-fiber is a very good thermal insulator and the thin metal liner has a small csoss-sectional area, the longitudinal heat conductivity is considerably reduced when compared to an all-metal design. The composite overwrapped tanks and tubes are also damage resistant and lightweight. Fabrication techniques and the use of composites to help solve the problems associated with the development of LH2 power transportation vehicles are discussed.


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  • C. A. Hall
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  • D. E. Spond
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  1. 1.Propulsion Engineering Research and DevelopmentMartin Marietta CorporationDenverUSA

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