Applications of Adenohypophyseal Cell Cultures to Neuroendocrine Studies

  • Wylie Vale
  • Catherine Rivier
  • Marvin Brown
  • Lana Chan
  • Nick Ling
  • Jean Rivier
Part of the Current topics in Molecular Endocrinology book series (CTME, volume 3)


Anterior pituitary cell function can be influenced by neural peptides (including the hypothalamic regulatory hormones, HRH), neurotransmitters and peripheral hormones. Because of the pituitary gland’s close (vascular) coupling to the central nervous system, the secretory rates of its hormones are highly dynamic and easily modified by experimental circumstances. It is often difficult to determine if responses seen in vivo are due to direct effects on the pituitary or are mediated through extrapituitary mechanisms. In vitro assa;ys of the hypophysiotropic substances offer isolation from such indirect effects. It has been the aim of biologists in this field to develop an in vitro assay that would be technically simple, sensitive, reliable, accurate and valid. With the availability of radioimmunoassays to the pituitary hormones, the preparations of pituitary tissues themselves became the limiting factor to the achievement of these goals.


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  • Catherine Rivier
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  • Marvin Brown
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  • Lana Chan
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  • Jean Rivier
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