Role of Prostaglandins (PGs) in the Control of Adenohypophyseal Hormone Secretion

  • S. M. McCann
  • S. R. Ojeda
  • P. G. Harms
  • J. E. Wheaton
  • D. K. Sundberg
  • C. P. Fawcett
Part of the Current topics in Molecular Endocrinology book series (CTME, volume 3)


With the realization of the wide-spread distribution and biological action of the prostaglandins, it was natural to search for possible effects of these agents on the hypothalamic-pituitary unit In this communication we will review the evidence which indicates that prostaglandins can act both on the pituitary and on the hypothalamus to alter the release of adenohypophyseal hormones. The review will summarize the present status with respect to ACTH, TSH and growth hormone but will concentrate on the role of the prostaglandins on the secretion of FSH, LH and prolactin with which we have been particularly concerned in this laboratory.


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  • S. M. McCann
    • 1
  • S. R. Ojeda
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  • P. G. Harms
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  • J. E. Wheaton
    • 1
  • D. K. Sundberg
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  • C. P. Fawcett
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  1. 1.Southwestern Medical SchoolThe University of Texas Health Science Center at DallasDallasUSA

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