Chemiluminescence Techniques in Air Pollutant Monitoring

  • Arthur Fontijn
Part of the Modern Analytical Chemistry book series (MOAC, volume 1)


A large number of measurement methods based on gas-phase chemiluminescence have found their way into science and engineering practice. Such methods have recently been summarized in a review by Fontijn, Golomb, and Hodgeson.(1) Air pollutant monitoring represents the newest, most rapidly growing, major area of chemiluminescence application. The introduction in about 1970 of chemiluminescence techniques for selective monitoring of air pollutants, in fact, precipitated a new era in monitoring instrumentation, in which continuous real-time data are obtained; as a result, older wet-chemical methods have largely become obsolete.† The analysis of gases in the gas phase rather than in the liquid phase was a preferred and logical step. Chemiluminescent reactions of several pollutant species were known(1,4–7) and available to be applied. As with the more recently introduced fluorescence techniques, a high sensitivity has become possible in chemiluminescence measurements, owing to advances in electro-optical measurement instrumentation (in particular, the availability of highly sensitive, low-noise photomultiplier tubes).


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