Fluorescence Spectroscopy with On-Line Computers

Methods and Instrumentation
  • John E. Wampler
Part of the Modern Analytical Chemistry book series (MOAC, volume 1)


In spite of the so-called computer revolution, the general acceptance of the digital computer by research scientists as a laboratory tool has been slow in coming. All too often uninitiated members of the scientific community look upon the in-lab, on-line computer system as an overly complex, expensive instrument of limited performance. These misconceptions arise in part from not recognizing the enormous strides modern electronic technology has made in size reduction and increased performance. A modern minicomputer, while no bigger than a suitcase, contains as much memory, operates faster, and has more input-output capabilities than many of the early large-scale machines, all with a purchase price around $5000. Indeed, each year the performance of these machines increases, the size decreases, and the cost goes down.


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