Fatty Acid Composition of Glycerolipids of Animal Tissues

  • Arnis Kuksis
Part of the Handbook of Lipid Research book series (HLRE, volume 1)


The most complete analyses of fatty acids have been obtained on total lipid extracts, although a prior separation into neutral and polar lipids has also been common. In many instances, the total fatty acid esters have been subjected to a preliminary segregation into subclasses based on unsaturation, molecular weight, and the presence or absence of functional groups. The final composition of the fatty acids in the neutral and polar lipids is then derived by normalization of the data. Detailed analyses of the total fatty acid composition of a lipid have proved essential for obtaining a complete account of the molecular species of various glycerolipids which otherwise might have been overlooked because of losses at intermediate stages of fractionation. Truly meaningful comparisons of the fatty acid composition of tissue lipids are obtained only by the examination of individual lipid classes and molecular species in specific cellular fractions. There has been a steady increase in these data, and those applying to the neutral acylglycerols have been extensively documented in other chapters of this volume.


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