Environmental Control: A Methodology for Planning Change in Public Housing

  • Richard M. Fenker
Part of the NATO Conference Series book series (NATOCS, volume 3)


The dilemma of large scale public housing is that on the one hand it is perhaps the only reasonable option available to cities for sheltering people in high density, low income areas while on the other hand it represents an unhappy solution which is costly both from an economic and social standpoint and which often exaggerates many of the problems it was intended to solve. The present paper represents, in part, a report1 of the activities of a group of architects, social scientists and housing officials concerned with the problem of improving the physical and social environment of a housing project in Dallas, Texas. Although work on the Dallas project is far from finished the majority of the planning process has been completed. The present paper examines this process and other related experiences as a basis for improving planning strategies with future projects.


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