Cyclic GMP in Metabolism: Interrelationship of Biogenic Amines, Hormones, and Other Agents

  • Ferid Murad
  • Gerald D. Aurbach


Many hormones, neurohormones, autacoids, drugs, and bacterial toxins produce their effects in various tissues by modifying the accumulation of cyclic AMP (cAMP) (Robison et al., 1971). While many agents enhance adenylate cyclase activity and cAMP synthesis, some agents can decrease its synthesis and accumulation or alter its degradation by cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase. Presumably, cAMP levels in tissue could also be modified by agents that alter its release into interstitial fluid and plasma. Hormone-receptor interactions, formation of cAMP, and processes regulated by this cyclic nucleotide were topics covered in the preceding volume of The Year in Metabolism (Aurbach, 1976). In this chapter, we wish to emphasize in particular interactions of cyclic GMP (cGMP), the other naturally occurring cyclic nucleotide. In addition, we have continued the review begun last year of clinical aspects of cyclic nucleotides in extracellular fluids. Future chapters of this continuing annual series will focus on these as well as other aspects of cyclic nucleotides and their roles in metabolism.


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