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This section of the book deals with developmental psychology, currently one of psychology’s most lively and exciting areas. There has been an enormous increase in interest in this field during the past 20 years. Whereas there were only a few hundred psychologists actively engaged in research with children and adolescents a few decades ago, there are now thousands. The number of research articles published each year continues to grow, attendance at professional meetings increases, and students continue to enroll in large numbers in courses in developmental psychology. Why this rapid development has occurred is something later historians will discuss. One reason, however, appears to be that much of the research by developmental psychologists is relevant to the solution of practical problems. As we hope you will discover when you read the articles in this section, results obtained in what may appear to be abstract and artificial conditions in the laboratory often have led to useful changes in rearing, teaching, and care of children. Psychologists conducting research with children often are convinced that they are engaged in a significant undertaking. What could be more rewarding than understanding relationships and conditions that could potentially produce improvements in the lives of children?


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