Health Care: Good Intentions Are Not Enough
  • Alfred Steinschneider


There is little question that society is committed to the reduction of mortality, alleviation of human pain and suffering, and the increased productivity of its members. The number of persons involved in the delivery of health care and the development of improved health care techniques, as well as the amount of money spent, all attest to the strength of this commitment. This is not to deny the continuing debate over the adequacy of allocated resources or the designation of priorities. Nonetheless, because of the massive allocation of resources to the health care system, viewed in its broadest sense, many concerns have been expressed that society is not receiving an adequate return for its investment. One of the criticisms of particular relevance to this discussion stems from the expectation that scientists will discover “almost instant” solutions to problems once they have been identified. Unfortunately, few outside the scientific community fully appreciate the complexities in arriving at solutions. The excellent reviews presented in the following four chapters provide us with insights into some of this complexity.


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