Present Status of Hemofiltration

  • Lee W. Henderson


Hemofiltration began in 1967 when serious attention was given to the design of equipment for ultrafiltering whole blood on line with maintenance of total blood volume within precise limits in a manner analogous to the human kidney glomerulus and tubule (1). Hemofiltration is defined as an extracorporeal process in which uremic whole blood is cleansed by a combination of ultrafiltration with convective solute loss and dilution with a physiologic saline solution. Dilution may occur either before or after the ultrafiltration. I will spend no time on the rationale for this work, but rather will address the present technical and clinical status of hemofiltration. It should be appreciated that until recently this technique for treating uremia was purely a laboratory endeavor. Hence, the magnitude of the clinical experience is small. In the present reporting, I have added my own speculation rather freely.


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