Ethical Issues in the Prevention of Sexual Problems

  • Robert C. Kolodny
Part of the Perspectives in Sexuality book series (Persp. Sex.)


To discuss the prevention of sexual problems, we must begin by recognizing that the definition of sexual problems is no simple matter. There is wide cross-cultural variation in determining the context of sexual problems; there is equally great disparity as a function of the sweep of history. Even if the discussion is limited to the present day and the United States, there is surprising discordance of definition, both among the general public and among professionals, regarding what constitutes a sexual problem. For example, although the American Psychiatric Association has removed homosexuality from its category of mental illness, many psychiatrists continue to regard homosexuality as a sexual disorder, many states continue to proscribe it legally, and many social, economic, and emotional forces that have been highly visible in recent decisions within our armed forces, school systems, and religious organizations perpetuate the view of homosexuality as a problem behavior.


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