Some PLATO Applications in Health Sciences Education

  • D. K. Bloomfield
  • G. L. Hody
  • A. H. Levy
Part of the Computers in Biology and Medicine book series (CBM)


The University of Illinois PLATO system has a unique flavor because it is a large network — over 950 terminals spread throughout the United States connect to the same processing facility and can access the same collection of instructional materials and communication facilities. Teaching programs in health sciences have been a feature of the system library from its early inception (see for example Bitzer and Boudreaux, 1969) and there is now an extensive catalog of lessons in health-related subjects including biology, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, nursing, and allied health. In addition, there exists a large body of instructional materials at the college level in mathematics, physical sciences, and behavioral sciences, much of which is useful as remedial or supplementary resources for health science students.


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  • A. H. Levy
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