Acoustic Microscopy

  • Theodore George Rochow
  • Eugene George Rochow


Acoustic microscopes, the newest members of the microscopical family, employ electromagnetic signals and transform them into acoustic waves by means of a piezoelectric transducer. The resultant acoustic waves are of the same propagating elastic type as water waves in the ocean and sound waves in air.(1) Being of very high or ultrahigh frequency, 100–1000 megacycles/sec or megahertz (MHz), the microscopical acoustic waves are ultrasonic; they cannot be heard. As in macroscopical use of ultrasound,(2) the primary significance is that such acoustic waves are reflected or deflected by the specimen’s variations in density or stiffness rather than by differential refraction, absorption, or reflection (as is the case with light or electrons). Consequently, a whole new microscopical area of structural information is now open for correlation with properties or behavior and composition or treatment.


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