Pliable Penile Prostheses in Treatment of Organic Impotence

  • Louis Subrini
Part of the Perspectives in Sexuality book series (Persp. Sex.)


Classically, organic impotencies are less frequent than functional impotencies. After a thorough study of problems, we found that this proportion can be considerably modified. In particular, a clinical triade seems to us characteristic of an organic origin:
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    Rare or weak morning erections often being totally absent is considered a pathonomonical sign. 2) Ejaculation with flaccid penis notably during masturbation is always found. 3) Intravenous injection of dextro moramid associated with manual stimulation shows no erection response in contrast to the normal male.



Central Nervous System Disease Corpus Cavernosum Tunica Albuginea Manual Stimulation Internal Pudendal Artery 


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