Cytopathology of Human Gastrointestinal Cancers

  • Steven I. Hajdu
Part of the Sloan-Kettering Institute Cancer Series book series (SKICS)


Since the development of Papanicolaou’s technique for cytological examination of vaginal smears for the diagnosis of uterine carcinoma, exfoliative cytological techniques have been successfully employed for the detection of uterine, pulmonary, and genitourinary tumors. Exfoliative cytological techniques can be applied to gastrointestinal tumors with more or less similar results to those for other anatomical sites (Ackerman, 1967; Brandborg and Wenger, 1968; Lemon, 1952; Raskin et al, 1959; Rubin et al, 1953; Sherlock et al, 1972; Winawer et al, 1976; Witte, 1970; Yamakawa et al, 1971; Yoshii et al, 1970, 1971).


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