Concluding Agenda Discussion—Critical Issues

  • J. P. Hirth
  • A. H. Clauer
Part of the Battelle Institute Materials Science Colloquia book series (volume 31)


The conference was wide ranging and hopefully covered most of the considerations that enter into alloy design. At times the very definition of alloy design was the topic of lengthy debate . . . does alloy design include only the process of developing new alloys for new or more severe applications, or does it also include careful modification of existing alloys to extend their service into applications hitherto closed or unknown to them? Also, areas of needed work were suggested during the proceedings. The intent of the concluding discussion was to attempt to clarify these issues, to provide a summary of the conference, and to pinpoint areas requiring more attention in the future. Specifically, alloy design was discussed from four viewpoints: constraints imposed on the designers, properties needed by the designers, critical property limitations in the next decade, and possible advances in understanding fundamental properties.


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