Stability of Planar Textures in Superfluid 3He-A

  • Pradeep Kumar


Planar textures in superfluid 3He-A are due to the symmetry breaking terms in the free energy e.g. current, magnetic field and the energy due to the nuclear dipolar interaction.1 The spin triplet — p wave order parameter is characterized in terms of two unit vectors \(\hat l\) and \(\hat d\) which respectively refer to the orbital and spin axes. The dipole energy gives two possible orientations for the d vector, one which is parallel to the \(\hat l\) vector and the other which is antiparallel to the \(\hat l\) vector. A pure d texture is the domain wall between the two confiurations in the case when \(hat l\) is uniform over the whole system. In an open system \(\hat l\) is not constrained to be uniform, the presence of a static magnetic field confines both \(\hat l\) and \(\hat d\) to a plaice perpendicular to the field. Simultaneous rotation of both \(\hat l\) and \(\hat d\) (in opposite direction) gives rise to the composite structure (see Maki’s review at this conference for details). A third structure has been postulated recently by Hall and Hook3 where the current provides 2 possible directions to the \(\hat l\) vector and in an analogous fashion the texture is the domain wall between the two configurations. Fetter4 has also studied the possible textures in the presence of currents as well as static fields.


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