A Blind Interpretation of Doe’s TAT

  • Robert R. Holt


To the extent that I could be said to have a method, it consists in reading over the stories and making notes on aspects of form and content that strike my attention as being deviant or as fitting together with impressions from other stories or from other tests. (In clinical work I always use a battery of tests.) These notes, which are more or less copious, depending on the time pressure under which I am working and on the purpose for which the TAT is being used, are quite similar to the ones reproduced here. They consist mainly of three types of material: notations of significant formal aspects of the record (where I depend heavily on Rapaport), rather unsystematic skeletonizin of content in terms of need-press themas (where my debt to Murray is most clear), and speculations about the symbolic and dynamic significance of anything in the record. I try to be free and undisciplined in these speculations (which derive mainly from what knowledge of psychoanalysis I have) but keep a watch on the extent to which I am projecting myself, and treat them only as speculations until they are corroborated.


Paranoid Schizophrenia Sibling Rivalry Perceptual Distortion Schizoid Personality Insulin Coma 
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