Formal Aspects of the TAT—A Neglected Resource

  • Robert R. Holt


An often-encountered fallacy is the statement that “the Rorschach is a test of the structure of personality, the TAT a test of its content.” I have even seen a question on a preliminary examination for the Ph.D. in clinical psychology, which required the student to accept and justify such a statement. The trouble with this formulation is that it is incomplete; it is a half-truth, which would read just about as accurately the other way around. For certainly research and clinical practice in recent years has shown that Rorschach content can teach us a great deat about strivings, preoccupations, conceptions of self and of others, and other “content” aspects of personality [see Chapter 11, below]. The purpose of this paper is to present arguments and facts to support the position that much can be learned about the structure of personality from,the TAT, primariy from a study of its formal aspects.


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