Cognitive Controls and Primary Processes

  • Robert R. Holt


During this anniversary year, I have had the great pleasure of realizing a dream that had been with me throughout the 13 years since I left Harvard. At the Research Center for Mental Health in New York University, we have finally gotten under way a program of interrelated researches1 cast in a familiar mold: a sizable group of experimenters, some of them graduate students, some more elderly types like George Klein and myself, who are directing the work, all carrying out our personological researches on the same small group of subjects, who are intensively studied and assessed (see Murray et al., 1938). When someone invents a better general model for research in this area, I hope I shall not be so much blinded by sentiment and nostalgia as to be unable to adopt it; meanwhile, the old model seems to have plenty of power and mileage left in it.


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