Problems and Progress in Perinatology

  • Mary Ellen Avery


I am pleased that when you chose a topic representing clinical aspects of “Frontiers of Medicine” that you elected to emphasize problems and progress in perinatology. It is part of my plan to illustrate how perinatology is indeed one of the “Frontiers of Medicine”, and to sketch some of the background, foreground and future ground in this ever changing and newly emerging discipline. The word perinatology itself indicates a time of life that includes intrauterine events, adaptations at the time of birth, and postnatal problems that are likely to occur in the first month of life. Specialists from most all disciplines have something to contribute to the health and well being of our patients, namely, the mother and baby, during this critical period of life. On the other hand, one cannot expect the infectious disease expert, the endocrinologist or the cardiologist to be prepared to take on the responsibility for management of all aspects of our patients; thus the evolution of perinatologists, if you will, or more commonly obstetricians and pediatricians who have a special interest in events occurring uniquely at this time of life.


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