Double-Resonance Spectroscopy

  • Jeffrey I. Steinfeld
  • Paul L. Houston


The domain of spectroscopy is a large and richly varied one, constituting one of the basic methodologies of physical science. And yet, the way in which spectroscopy is usually carried out is severely limited: typically, one considers the interaction of a resonant medium with a single light wave, and derives absorption and emission properties separately for each frequency of radiation. In this chapter we shall consider those phenomena resulting from the simultaneous application of two radiation fields to a molecular system. With conventional, incoherent optical fields, no new physical features would be introduced by the simultaneous use of two fields; the intensities of each field are sufficiently low that the absorbing system would respond to each field independently, and the overall effect would simply be the sum of the two interactions. But the ever-widening use of intense, coherent, monochromatic laser radiation sources has led to the possibility of using one field to alter the internal state distribution of an absorbing system, thereby influencing its response to a second radiation field and leading to new physical information. For convenience, we shall term such use of two radiation fields to interrogate a sample “double-resonance spectroscopy.”


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  • Paul L. Houston
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  2. 2.Department of ChemistryCornell UniversityIthacaUSA

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