Scanning Strategies of Children and Adults

  • Peter Coles
  • Marian Sigman
  • Karen Chessel


This paper describes the rationale and design of an investigation of eye movement scanning strategies during familiarisation with and subsequent recognition of two-dimensional geometric patterns. Subjects were preschool children aged from 3:5 to 6:5 years, and adults. Eye movements were recorded using a remote, on-line T.V. oculometer. The main aim of the experiment was to investigate the conflicting claims about the development and function of saccadic eye movements during the process of initial familiarisation with a pattern and its subsequent identification, as put forward by Zinchenko, Vurpillot and by Mackworth and Bruner. Although data collection is complete, analysis has only just begun. Consequently, samples of data will be presented for illustrative purposes only. Some of the theoretical problems for studies of eye movements will be discussed.


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  • Peter Coles
  • Marian Sigman
  • Karen Chessel

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