Development of Conductive Chains in RuO2-Glass Trick Film Resistors

  • R. W. Vest


Thick film resistors can satisfy certain design functions (e.g. high sheet resistance, power dissipation, and high voltage requirements) that are difficult or impossible to achieve with silicon monolithic integrated circuits. They are fabricated by: 1) preparing a formulation consisting of a glass frit and an electrically conducting oxide powder dispersed in an organic screening agent; 2) printing the formulation on to a ceramic substrate; and 3) firing in a tunnel kiln with the proper time-temperature profile to remove the organic constituents, fuse the glass frit and bond the resistor to the substrate. The system considered in this study was a leadborosilicate (63% Pb0-25% B2O3-12% Si02) glass frit, ruthenium dioxide (RuO2) conductive, ethyl cellulose in butyl carbitol screening agent, and 96% Al2O3 substrate.


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