The Problem — Its Magnitude and a Suggested Community Based Answer to Alcoholism

  • W. H. Kenyon


On the 5th April 1973, at the Second International Conference on Alcholism and Drug Dependence in Liverpool, the author read a paper entitled Community Involvement — Alcoholism, and the opening statement in that paper was as follows:-

“The great physicist and scientist Lord Kelvin once said ‘When you cannot measure, then your knowledge is of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind. Therefore, it seems to follow that if your knowledge is meagre and unsatisfactory, the last thing in the world you should do is to make measurements.’ There is little doubt that so far as this country is concerned knowledge about alcoholism is meagre, interest or concern, except amongst a few, is practically nil and in general, treatment and rehabilitative facilities, again except in isolated areas, are grossly unsatisfactory. Therefore if I accept Lord Kelvin’s premise then with our meagre knowledge coupled with an undoubted dearth of satisfactory or scientific measurements I shall be on dangerous ground. Being neither a scientist, psychiatrist nor one with fixed ideas about alcoholism, I am going to venture onto this dangerous ground in an endeavour to establish some measurements.”


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