Quantitative Studies of the Islets of Nondiabetic Patients

  • Bruno W. Volk
  • Klaus F. Wellmann


In view of the fact that the islets of Langerhans are dispersed into numerous different-sized bodies within the pancreas, the various methods used to determine the number of islets, their volume, and A:B ratio has led to divergent results. Some investigators counted the islets in representative sections. Laguesse,1 by reconstructing a single pancreatic lobule, observed that the actual number of islets was considerably in excess of that obtained by counting them in representative sections. Bensley,2 using his staining procedure, emphasized that when such pancreatic fragments are carefully selected they are to the same extent representative of the part of the organ from which they are taken. He also postulated that a large number of pancreases must be examined in order to ensure a reasonable range of individual variations. Gepts3 warned that the estimation of weight or volume of islets presents a difficult problem and that the estimate should be considered as very rough. He further stated that as a result of errors in the methodology of sampling, quantitative methods are without value for the determination of the proportion of insular tissue in any given pancreas.


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  • Klaus F. Wellmann
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