Lung Maturity and Pulmonary Phospholipid Metabolism

  • T. Allen Merritt
  • Michael Obladen
  • Louis Gluck


The lung is composed of more than 4C(1) different cell types, but no single type occupies the majority of lung mass. Although it has been reported that alveolar macrophages and Clara cells(7, 84, 96) can synthesize surface-active lecithin, most direct and indirect evidence suggests that the granular pneu-matocyte (alveolar Type II cell) is responsible for the synthesis of surfactant, particularly the major surface-active phospholipid, dipalmityl phosphatidylcholine. The alveolar Type II cell is an attenuated cell, one of two cell types lining alveoli containing characteristic inclusion bodies. They appear to be extruded into alveolar spaces to provide surface-active material. (82) Radioactive labeled precursors of surfactant ([3H]acetate and [3H]palmitate) can be located by autoradiography in Type II cells in the rabbit 30 min to several hours after intravenous injection. (37)


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